His compositions reveal a 21st century unique painter that works differently to postmodern movements and tendencies with a very strong personality, sensitivity and a huge scope that make of him one of the most important representatives in the Catalan painting school, and more in concrete, in the Olotian school. Despite the fact that he is still very young, he is consolidating himself within the Spanish scene with landscapes of traditional stamp that must be considered as the most remarkable ones in the Spanish figurative art; an art that is showing the necessity of artists as talented and intelligent as him.

  • Doctor of History of Art
  • Belongs to the International Art Critic Association
  • Academician of the San Carlos Fine Art Royal Academy in Valencia and Cordoba


I have been of those who break with the atmosphere that I have found, and as I am not a conformist, I want to make visible in my painting a revitalizing wish of these motives that of so many classics for many, it seems they have lost their essence.

I am not afraid to be considered faithful to the most classic expressions of the landscape.